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Incident Type: Arrest

Date: 2006

Location: Toli-Toli, 700km northwest of Poso.

Actors: Lilik Purnomo aka Haris, Irwanto Irano, Rahmat aka Jindra, Abdul Muis, Nano Sumarsono

Event: The five men are arrested after police follow Rahmat's wife and two other Tanah Runtuh members attempting to visit Haris, Irano and Jindra, who were laying low in Toli-Toli. Abdul Muis and Nano are released.

Note: Haris went onto to explain in detail to the police the crimes he and the men in Tanah Runtuh had committed, reportedly in exchange for the police to pay some of his debts. This included the beheadings of the school girls.

Source: ICG Report 2007