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Incident Type: Bombing

Date: April 28, 2005

Location: Poso City

Actors: Disputed

Event: Two bombs explodes at local NGO offices in Poso. First at Pusat Rekonsiliasi Konflik dan Perdamaian Poso (Center for Conflict Resolution and Peace in Poso, PRKP). Then fifteen minutes later a bomb goes off at Lembaga Penguatan Masyarakat Sipil (Institute for the Strengthening of Civil Society, LPMS). Damage is caused in front of the building. No casualties reported.

Note: Daud Somba, one of the contributors to the documentary, was working at PRKP at the time that the bomb exploded and had his eyesight damaged. While it is believed that a man associated with radical religious activity was responsible for the blasts, it is widely believed in the local NGO community that it was the local government that had goaded him into doing it. At the time, these two offices were investigating the corruption of government funds that were meant for the rehabilitation of Poso, a highly contentious issue. The event remains disputed.

Source: ICG 2005, Daud Somba interview 2007