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Incident Type: Violence

Date: October 17, 2003

Location: Poso, Morowali Districts

Actors: Unknown assailants, security forces

Event: Three houses are burned and one truck is damaged in an attack on Gebangrejo village, Poso City. Police found twelve bullet casings from a 5.56 mm calibre weapon, a canister of oil and matches near the truck at the crime scene.

Police and soldiers also kill three suspects, Ari (aka Taufik)(25) from Tegal Rejo, Poso; Ali Lasuedi (31), and Syahdat (aka Saddam) (30), in a forest near Bintangor village, Lembo subdistrict, Morowali district.

Five more suspects are arrested: Ishak (aka Abdul Galib) (39) from Kayamaya, Poso; Hardianto (aka Tole) (21) from Rono Punco, Poso; Iwan (aka Parjan)(31), from Moengkolama, Poso City, Hasyim Acik (30) and Arif (21).

Source: ICG Report 2004