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Incident Type: Shootings, attacks, burnings

Date: October 9-10, 2003

Location: Beteleme, Lembo subdistrict, Morowali District.

Actors: Mujahidin KOMPAK/Kayamanya

Event: Beteleme, which was home to Tibo, is attacked. Devina Mbai (45) and Oster Tarioko (45) were killed.  Others injured included Hengki Malino (38) and L Malo (30). Material damage included 35 houses, three cars, and seven motorcycles burned. Four 5.56 mm bullets, one FN bullet, and one Molotov bomb were found.

Note: Jemaah Islamiya gave logistical and weaponry support for this stage of attacks. The incident prompted national attention after a relative lull in violence in the previous year.

Source: ICG Report 2004