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Incident Type: Shooting

Date: August 8, 2002

Location: Mayoa village, Pamona Selatan subdistrict

Actors: Laskar Bulan Sabit Merah

Event: Italian citizen Lorenzo Taddei, 34, is killed in ambush on public bus. Jirunimus (36), Timutius (52), Karangan (21) and Alberting Montang (42) are injured.

Note: This is the only recorded incident of a foreigner being killed in the Poso conflict. Apparently, Taddei was a tourist that had spent time in Protestant villages, somehow raising the suspicion of Laskar Bulan Sabit Merah, one of the groups operating in the Poso area, that he was a spy for the Christians.

Producers Note: Taddei had been the client of the same guide, Budiono, as the crew of "Which Way to the War?" in the Toraja region on South Sulawesi. Budiono begged the crew not to go onto Poso, saying he had done the same with Taddei and had been ignored.

Source: ICG Report 2004