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The global conflict you can't find on the map.

Indonesia, the world's most populous Muslim nation, was also becoming the world's 3rd largest democracy with its free elections in 1998. While most of the country remained remarkably peaceful during this transitional moment, a remote area on the island of Sulawesi - Poso - fell victim to brutal communal fighting. The conflict was a product of "religious" tensions that gave way to jihadist violence, but it was also fueled by widespread corruption and illicit ties among local military and business interests. Fueling it all were underlying struggles for control of local politics, commercial enterprise, and religious authority in this forgotten corner of the world, where religious identity was used as the instigator and agitator that exploited and spread the conflict.

Filmed over a three-year period, Which Way to the War? delves into the heart of religious conflict in Poso and Indonesia. American filmmaker Sue Useem and her team traveled to some of the most remote regions of Indonesia to understand the dynamics and anatomy of religiously motivated violence in this enormously diverse and overwhelmingly tolerant nation. With hundreds of hours of filming and scores of interviews with politicians, officers, activists, journalists, victims, perpetrators, analysts, and citizens, this documentary reveals the true story of the wrenching Poso conflict - but also the story of Poso's redeeming rehabilitation in the conflict's aftermath - a story that has never been fully revealed before and one that throws new light onto religious conflicts not just in Indonesia, but our whole world.




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